Lillington United Methodist Church


Worship Service

Sundays 11:00 AM

Reverend Laura Beth Casey

Sunday School 9:45 AM

Staffed Nursery

Worship and Praise

Some members of the congregation were asked to name the most meaningful part of the weekly 11:00 AM worship service.  About 60% listed the sermon, about 20% said the music, and about 15% said the fellowship and interaction with other believers.

          Sermon   Most of the sermons are centered on the Gospel Lesson recommended in the Lectionary. The Lectionary reading is used by many Christian churches around the world and is a way to keep our spiritual attention focused on the life and ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Utilizing the Lectionary approach ensures that we return again to the same gospel passage about every three years. 

          Using the Lectionary passage, the preacher attempts to help us to understand the relevance of God’s word for our daily lives and thus to grow in our awareness of God’s grace and to grow in our faithful lives of discipleship.  The entire worship service—and especially the sermon—is both evangelistic and developmental:  Its calls for new Christians to make initial commitments to Christ (“accept Christ as your savior”) and for continuing Christians to grow in faith and Christian life.

         The preacher has invited members of the congregation to suggest scripture passages or sermon topics that individuals would find helpful in their spiritual pilgrimage.  Every request—at least until now!—has resulted in a particular sermon on that topic.  Often, at the request of the person asking for the particular study, the topic is addressed anonymously.

        Music We sing both traditional and modern hymns while we experience and enjoy the music of a small choir—usually less than ten members.  Given the size of the choir it is a surprisingly strong and effective group.  Some of the choir members are musically talented and trained; others are beginners, just learning to proclaim God’s grace through music.  New choir members, both the musically talented and novices, are welcomed.

         Fellowship   The Christians of the Lillington United Methodist Church enjoy in Christ each other’s company. They draw strength from one another’s faith.    Members of the church often share worship, fun, fellowship, and food.  There is in the congregation a sense of mutual support and Christian love that extends beyond the morning worship service each Sunday.  This love and concern is evident when, during the service, the congregation warmly greets old friends and new.  One of the fellowship goals of our church is to create a faith community of “radical hospitality”—which means, an acceptance and love of one another that the “devil’s world” does not like and cannot understand. The phrase “radical hospitality,” is perhaps more accurately called “Biblical Hospitality.”  It means not only welcoming all people to the regular worship service on Sunday but inviting these new or visiting persons into the full fellowship and participation in all aspects of the life of the church.





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